Consists of the Immediate Past-President, President, President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Northern Regional Representative, Southeast Regional Representative, and Southwest Regional Representative. The Executive committee is also the Board of Directors and consists of the voting board members. They are charged with overseeing the strategic plan of MSCVPR and providing the organization with leadership.


Consists of the Outcomes committee chair and appointed members. The Outcomes committee is charged with creating and overseeing MSCVPR outcomes data collection project. They are the primary contact for questions concerning the project for members and state officials. Along with day-to-day management of the project, the committee will also organize data for presentations to our membership as well as the AACVPR and the State of Michigan.

Committee Chair:
John Silveri


The Student committee is responsible for recruiting student members as well as educating students of related degree programs. They are responsible for putting together and maintaining a current list of internship sites for students. The Student committee is also responsible for creating and fostering relationships with colleges and universities in the state of Michigan and surrounding areas to provide students with a resource in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation.

Committee Chair:
Lisa Sawyer

Education and Development

Members of this committee are charged with developing and distributing, via email, an annual newsletter (August) with updates and information from the MSCVPR.   This committee will also serve as mentors for MI programs and members. They will serve as the liaison to MSCVPR membership from AACVPR with the most up to date resources and information for AACVPR’s Road to Reform, provide useful tools for new members, and be a resource and mentor for new and existing programs, where they are looking for guidance.

Committee Co-Chairs:

Kirk Hendrickson

Mona Stanski

Health Policy & Reimbursement

MSCVPR’s Health Policy & Reimbursement Committee works along with the AACVPR Health Care Reform Committee members to share experiences, “lessons learned,” and ensure some degree of consistency and appropriate interpretation of Medicare regulations for cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation services across the country.

Committee Co-Chairs:

Jackie Evans

Jenna Mallard